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Design Your Own Irresistible Virtual Event in 2022 Without Crazy Tech or a Huge Budget!


Learn how to plan a profitable and fun online experience without spinning your wheels on what to do to get started! 

This checklist will completely give you clarity on what you need to do to launch your next virtual event (summit). This irresistible formula will give you the map and process you need to launch your virtual event in less than 90 days. I walk you step by step through all the 3 phases you need to complete in order for you to design and make your launch profitable. You will walk away with a new email list, new buyers, and raving fans. Giving you also the incredible opportunity to expand your network and receive authority by association. 

Phase One: Plan, Design & Enroll

In this phase, we plan the event concept, branding, and content. We decide what it's going to be about, who is it for, when you are going to do it, and all the logistics. 

Phase Two: Technology Set Up

When we are working on phase one we have to start phase two where you (or someone like Anna Andrea) will set up the funnels, sales pages, membership site and autoresponder. 

Phase Three: Promote & Launch

Promotion and Launching time is the last phase. This is where you actually produce the show and have all the fun.

The Sexy Irresistible Virtual Events Formula 

I have had the pleasure of using Anna as my event production manager for all of my 3 free online video series/summits over the past 3 years. She managed all aspects of production, including monetizing all three summits. The first one more than paid for all production costs through the sale of the series. The sales for the second series earned more than twice the cost of the series production and I anticipate that the third, which is now in production, will do even better.
This doesn’t even begin to cover the money that I’ve made from the expansion of my business through her support of my events. My second launch brought in over $60,000 in ONE month in client service sales. I could not have reached that number without Anna.
Anna is organized, enthusiastic, a great communicator, reliable, accountable, accessible, responsive, knowledgeable of all aspects, and creative! I could never have asked for a better event manager! I didn’t even mention reasonably priced! I know people who pay much more and end up with a sub-standard product, which would not happen with Anna.
Anna is an absolutely fundamental part of my online success! I’m constantly telling her that I don’t know what I would do without her and I mean it.
Helen Hillix

License Therapist

Host of Sex and Spirituality Summit and Sacred Sexuality Summit

Spread YOUR Message, Become THE Expert Sought Out by Your Ideal Clients, Grow Your Email List of High Quality People and Turn Them Into Your Raving Fans For Life!
Without Abandoning Your Family or Your Self Care Time!

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